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The following links are targeted at the items listed on the left. Some of them may have been used in the general discussions on the other tabs but others may be new. Some will be to "home" pages of sites and others will take you to particular pages of sites.

There will be a loose classification into areas dealt with by the sites e.g.Reading; Writing; Spelling; Grammar; Accents, Dialects etc. This looseness is simply because some sites cross the descriptive boundaries.

Generally there will be no comment on these sites on this page. The exception to this will be, where possible, to advise of any charges that may be raised by a site for its material or if the site is interesting but not strictly within the parameters of the menu heading.


Reading Assistance (no sound)

A Reading Game

Reading Games for Children


Holding the Pencil

Handwriting Improvement Tips

Writing Assistance and Practice (with printable worksheets)

Home Schooling with Printable Worksheets

Examples of Writing Styles

Extra Practice Sheets

This is a Subscription Service


Books and Articles

Learn That Word This is for vocabulary improvement with spelling being a secondary consideration.(It is a commercial product.)

Dictionary, Thesaurus etc. This is a useful "add on" for your computer.

Some Common Spelling Errors

A Favourite Spelling "Rule"

Spelling Rules and Exceptions

The Basic Cozy Spelling Course

Grammar and Punctuation

Acknowledgment is made here of the major reference for the "Grammar" section of this site: "An English Grammar for Beginners" by Llewelyn Tipping M.A., published by MacMillan and Co, London, First Edition 1923, (reprinted ten times since), 1937.

Reasons to Learn English Grammar

A Simple Punctuation Guide

Punctuation Marks

List of Marks and History of Punctuation

Punctuation Rules

Simple Punctuation Rules (with further links)

The Fourteen Punctuation Marks in English Grammar

Correct Use of Punctuation Marks


A Memory Helper to Prevent Confusion

American Variations

British and American Differences (A - L)

British and American Differences (M - Z)

American - Australian Equivalents

Australian Variations

Australian Vocabulary

Australian Slang

New Zealand Variations

New Zealand Vocabulary

Canadian English

Welsh Influences

Scottish Influences

Irish Influences

Accents & Dialects

Accent (American) Development This is a commercial course.

Accents Described

Accents from Great Britain

British and Overseas Accents (Includes swearing.)

American Accent Described

The American Accent (from more than one region)

Learning "American"

Australian Accent Described

Some Australian Accents Demonstrated

Some Australian Expressions

Commercial Lessons in the Australian Accent

The New Zealand Accent Described

An Introduction to the New Zealand Accent

The New Zealand Acccent demonstrated

The New Zealand Accent with Humour

The Canadian accent introduced

French=Canadian English

Indian Accent

More Indian

South African Accent

More South African Examples

Hong Kong Accent


A List of "Those" Words (Abbreviated)

Slang "Plus"

American slang

With an International Flavour

As Deep into the Subject As We Need to go


Targeted Resources






Accents & Dialects



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